Different Types of Transportation in UAE

The public transport system in Dubai consists of buses, water buses, monorail systems, Tram, and Dubai metro. Highway and Transportation Authority (RTA) is the operator of the entire public transportation network. Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) is the government authority in charge of roads and transportation in Dubai. It also handles traffic, fines, licenses, public transit, NOL card, and transportation. To determine how to get around Dubai , we recommend using the official RTA app: WOJHATI. This application can be downloaded free from the Play Store or App Store. With it, you can find train timetables and fares so that you can plan your day in Dubai with ease and cost-effectiveness. The NOL card issued by RTA allows Dubai public transport customers to pay their fares. The Nol card is the only payment method that RTA will accept on its network, including the Dubai Metro, Tram, buses, and water. A card allows passengers to use different means of public transport and pay with